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What is Social Media

sociallogo-smallSocial Media is the collective term used to describe a variety of online platforms that allow users to interact, as well as create and share online content. Thus, providing you with the ability to establish a community around your company and create digital conversations with your customers and clients.

Facebook, Twitter and many of Google's services offer superb media to market and promote your business. Highly effective as a stand-alone micro website or fully integrated with your existing website these tools serve as a powerful and rapidly expanding marketing channel with massive potential.

Our comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of these social networking services, allows us to advise you on and implement strategies that will meet your social media or social networking objectives.

Why Social Media
With the majority of Internet users now engaging in Social Media, businesses can no longer afford to not take part in the social interaction. Social Media Marketing allows your business’s online presence to extend to where the users are, as well as encourage your customers to communicate directly with you. By incorporating various Social Media platforms into your marketing mix, you will have a combination of excellent tools which can help you manage immediate customer service, increase website traffic and reduce marketing costs.

What we do
Jaydee Media specialises in the Social Media Marketing and Management of small to medium sized businesses.  Setup an on-line presence of your business to include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn Groups and Youtube. 
Social Media Marketing is a simple way to get going online.  Show up regularly and often and let your customers know that they can rely on youand your services.  Write a blog on training, or tutorials of your service and or products.  However, without the time and knowledge to maintain such a Social Media presence, you could risk losing potential customers and your sites most likely will become stagnant and dead over time. This is not what you want either. 

Contact us today and let us free up your time so that you can concentrate on the other areas of your business.

Social Media Handles and Stats: Ocktober 2013

Facebook   – 90,979 followers
Twitter        – 53,397 followers
YouTube    – 2,847 subscribers; 3,193,011 views
Pinterest    – 18,187 followers
LinkedIn     – 7,229 followers
Google+     – 2,569 followers

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