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Video as a marketing platform for in the Accommodation sector. Like - Hotels, Guest Houses, B&B Resorts, and Spa's


A picture is worth a thousand words, and online hotel videos can help your property capture more guests.

With the constant expansion of online marketing,hotels. guest houses, B&B's and resorts have quickly discovered the impact that video can have on the amount ofguests in their rooms and most importantly,on their bottom line

One of the most viral and engaging means to market to visitors is through the use of online video. Watching a video of a hotel before checking in has such great value. The travel industry has been leading other industries in how it leverages rich media with consumer facing sites becoming richer and richer with video to attract and retain the online travel consumer. Video has also been reported as increasing conversion rates by up to 85%. But as online video moves from being the exception to the norm more innovative marketing and spend will be required. Here we introduce video marketing as a tool for hotels and resorts to increase awareness, generate buzz and boost bookings.

In an increasingly visual world, it’s imperative for brands to think outside of the box in order to differentiate themselves from competitors and stay ahead of the curve. Hotels in particular are able to do this in a unique way, since every hotel has some sort of defining quality that sets it apart from others.

Introducing Video Marketing for Accommodation Services
Hotel and tourism industries are embracing digital marketing methods wholeheartedly. Many hotels and resorts are using authentic, compelling and informative video content to entice travelers and truly convey the holiday experience to online visitors. Offering a video of your hotel or destination can be what sets you apart from other accommodation services and drives your bookings. Video conveys visual and emotional touch points, which are present in almostevery travel offering. With the constant expansion of Internet advertising, hotel and resorts have quickly discovered the impact that online promotion with video can have on the amount of
guests in their rooms. 

With a well-designed and easy to navigate website, a few   video tours of your hotel or resort and a visual profile of your   business, you could definitely see an increase in bookings and   negate the need for reduced-priced booking sites like Hotwire,   which directly commission from your hotel rooms that are  vacant during hot times of the year.

Use Hotel Virtual and video marketing:

When you compare two hotels in the same city on any travel website and they’re both priced the same per night but one displays photos, virtual tours and videos (that effectively inspire and tell that hotel’s story) and the other only displays photos, which hotel is more appealing to you? Research proves it is the hotel using video marketing with virtual tours and videos.

By adding videos to your online hotel listings, you’ll be able to give online travel shoppers more information about your hotel and influence their booking decisions.

What are consumers looking for when they book a hotel?
The average visitor is seeking value and cleanliness, which is easy to describe yet hard to prove without graphic evidence.  Posting a video via Flickr or YouTube, or embedded on your website gives added value to the descriptive words used to describe the hotel rooms and features. People greatly prefer watching video over reading text for its ability to engage and this spans just about every industry. When it comes to engagement, online video is 5.33 times more effective than text. In fact, site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% closer to book.

Utilizing Online Video & sites like YouTube
More and more professionals in the tourism industry are using mediums like YouTube to visually tell their stories and present their businesses. Sites like these offer a cost-effective and easy way to post video footage that brings holidays to life for consumers. YouTube and other sources of online video footage are increasingly competing with the traditional marketing methods like brochures as a way for visitors to research their holiday options.





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