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 Add Video to Your Marketing Mix

 compelling reasons why you need video – right here, right now!

  • Google loves video!  And not just because they own YouTube. Video puts your SEO on steroids. With video, you can dramatically improve your search engine rankings.
  • Video is personal. You can enhance your know, like and trust factor very quickly by appearing on video. Let your customers get to know you by seeing and hearing you.
  • Video is "now". Got an idea or a message? Then you can make a video instantly and be online in minutes.
  • YouTube rocks With an audience of 85 million viewers, YouTube is the place to be seen online. Not only is YouTube now the 4th most popular website on the Internet, it’s also the 2nd biggest search engine.
  • Product video manual. Instead of handing them a lengthy installation manual, customers can play a video on your site and learn how to set up your product.
  • It’s cheap. You can do it yourself with a cheap digital video camera or even a cellphone that has a video camera built in. You could also tap your local high school, community college or community radio station for talent to help you create low-cost but better-quality video.
  • It builds your search results. Google has added content such as blogs, video and images to what their engine indexes and returns in search. Recently, the company said such content is returned in one of every four searches.
  • Video gives you worldwide exposure, 24/7. Having videos online increases your visibility across the globe. Let your video work for you while you sleep.
  • It promotes your products or services. For retailers, what’s more likely to make a sale – a static picture on your Web site of your chain saw, or a video that shows how quickly it can cut down trees? If you’re a service business, video allows you to interest prospects by offering free samples of your trainings or seminars.
  • It’s easy. New gadgets like the Flip Video camera and the new iPhone 3G with Video make it easier than ever to capture and upload video. Both the Flip and the iPhone let you upload directly to YouTube.
  • Video is here to stay. Video is past the trend stage and is already a mainstream marketing tool. If you don’t have video in your marketing mix you are losing ground to competitors who have and missing out on market share.
  • Video accelerates the sales process! The best news of all about adding video to your marketing mix is that it greatly accelerates the sales process. People buy from brands they know, like and trust – and video can rapidly speed that process. That means more customers, more quickly, and more sales, revenue and profit!
  • Audience Reach:   That audience is now larger than the base of social media users.  It’s three times larger than those who have listened to a podcast, and five times larger than those who use Twitter.
  • It attracts visual learners.  As we’ve all learned in recent years, different people learn in different ways. Some people learn best by seeing things demonstrated rather than reading or listening to someone talk about it. Adding video allows you to better reach visually-oriented customers.


Youtube and Social Media Statistics


  • Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month
  • Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube
  • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
  • YouTube is localized in 53 countries and across 61 languages
  • In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or around 140 views for every person on Earth
  • Millions of subscriptions happen each day. Subscriptions allow you to connect with someone you're interested in — whether it's a friend, or the NBA — and keep up with their activity on the site

Mobile and Devices

  • 25% of global YouTube views come from mobile devices
  • People watch one billion views a day on YouTube mobile
  • YouTube is available on 400 million devices
  • Traffic from mobile devices tripled in 2011

Video (youtube) on Social Media Sites

  • The rise of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks has accelerated the growth of YouTube as it enables discovery and sharing of online video.
  • 500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook
  • Over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute
  • 100 million people take a social action on YouTube (likes, shares, comments, etc) every week
  • An auto-shared tweet results in 6 new youtube.com sessions on average
  • There are 500 tweets per minute containing a YouTube link
  • Millions of subscriptions to YouTube happen each day. (Subscriptions allow you to connect with someone you’re interested in — whether it’s a friend, or the NBA — and keep up on their activity on the site)
  • More than 50% of videos on YouTube have been rated or include comments from the community
  • Millions of videos are favorited every day

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