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8mm Film Reels to DVD

Transfer of 8mm Cine Film to DVD
Those grainy cine films tucked away in a corner of the attic might contain footage of your children on their Chopper bikes; they might show you beaming with pride next to your brand-new ’64 Lotus Ford Cortina (the one with the green stripe). Or they might reveal family weddings at which the groom wore flares and platforms and the bride wore a worried smile. Whatever they show, you’ll want to preserve those memories and transfer your cine film to DVD.

We can capture both 8mm single/standard cine and super 8mm cine film and digitally transfer it to DVD. We currently only transfer silent movies. Show your children and grandchildren what you looked like when growing up!

We strongly recommend having your old cine film footage cleaned before converting. Cleaning will remove dust, dirt and mould that may have built up and result in a cleaner and brighter image when transfered. All cleaning is carefully performed by hand.

8mm Cine film was introduced in the 1930's and very popular in the 1950's and 1960's. Super 8 was introduced in the 1970' and offered a larger frame size resulting in a sharper image. Most 8mm films were silent, however if sound was added then you will see an orange/brown line along the edge of the film. Standard and Super 8 cine film usually run at 18 frames per second.

Transfer prices: 

  • Standard/Regular or Super 8 Cine Film (Silent)
  • 50ft (3" dia) Approx 4mins - R49 per Reel 
  • 200ft (5" dia) Approx 15mins - R99 per Reel 
  • 400ft (7" dia) Approx 30mins - R159 per Reel 
  • Digitising captured Cine Reels up to 1hour = R180 per DVD

Sound Cine Films,  If your cine film has a sound track this will be transferred for free.   Please make sure you inform us if there is a sound track before the transfer is undertaken.

Included on your DVD:

  • Royalty free music.
  • Full Colour Grading and Monitoring:     To make sure the best quality is gained every frame of your cine film is fully monitored.
  • DVD Menu:     We provide a free, thumb-nailed menu for each of your reels, so it is easy to find and watch the reel you want.
  • DVD Disc and DVD Presentation Case:     Your home movies will come back to you on a professionally printed disc (not a label, which can damage your DVD player) and nicely printed sleeve in a protective presentation case.

EXTRA Services:

Editable files:
Supplying as a Windows .wmv file (for you to edit) - Standard transfer price + R35.00 per DVD
Supplying as a Mac Quicktime .mov file (for you to edit) - Standard transfer price + R35.00 per DVD

Personalise your DVD:     Your DVD can be personalised with a personal message professionally printed on the DVD and on the presentation case. The title can be up to 20 words, such as 'The Smith Family 1955-1980' or 'The Wedding of Bill and Betty 1965'.     Please ensure that the titles you provide are spelt correctly before the transfer is undertaken.     Personalised DVDs are R39.00

If no titles are required the DVD and presentation case will be labelled Cine Film to DVD. The reels on the DVD are labelled Reel 1, Reel , Reel 3, etc.



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