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Corporate Video / Promotional / Presentation Video Benefits:

Many corporate and business websites are unaware of the benefits of corporate online video.

  • A clear, high-impact message explaining your product / service
  • Customers watch video more than they read text on a web page
  • Ultimate marketing video tool
  • Builds brand legitimacy and makes your company appear more authentic, which increases leads
  • Used for Internet and E-mail video marketing
  • Improves the efficiency of internal communication with training videos, how to tutorials, and updates to company policies.
  • Having a video there to supplement the text increases the effectiveness of the web page.
  • Boosts site traffic because your videos are found in social video channels like YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Increases rankings on search results because search engines prefer rich media content like online video.
  • Used as part of sales presentations
  • Also serves as a company profile, a Company Promotional Video
  • Creates communities around your company culture who follow your video releases.
  • Makes marketing messages and corporate content more “shareable” and viral.

Corporate / Business Video Production Services:

  • Promotional Videos
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Health and Safety Induction Videos
  • Training and Educational Videos
  • Viral Videos - Youtube / internet, Web Ads & Promo's
  • Live Events Filming

Corporate Video:   Get your message and brand out there with a marketing video. We provide full service creative solutions, producing bespoke corporate videos of the highest caliber for both local and international clients. We also provide full production planning, ensuring your corporate video gives you the best return on investment. Contact Us Now

Promotional Video Production: The benefits of promotional videos Promotional video is a great way to improve sales and communicate with your customers. Among other areas, corporate promotional videos are used to:

  • Demonstrate products and services which are easier to explain visually
  • Use customer video testimonials and case studies to add credibility and trust to your marketing campaign
  • Add product and company information to a website in an interesting way
  • What’s more with real time analytics it’s possible to test and tweak your video to continually improve the return on your investment.
  • The video can be part of a DVD that can be left with prospective clients or put on your company website. It can be used to promote products and services, and can far better explain product concepts than a brochure can.

Our goal is to elevate your brand and, in the process, increase your sales. We produce promo videos to use during sales presentations and communication kits to brand your products for trade shows.

Conference / Seminar Videos: Our corporate event videos provide guaranteed faultless live video recordings. Working closely with our clients, we determine the best live recording setup to ensure the seamless capture of your corporate event.  From a simple news or communications brief to a five day conference, we have you covered. Not only can we provide the necessary camera crew, cameras and edit facilities (if required) but we also plan the most cost effective solution. Bulk DVD Duplocations service also available. Contact Us

Safety Induction Video:  We produce and film health and safety videos for a whole range of different industries, be it a mining safety video or an office safety video.  Contact Us Now

Training Video: We produce the full range of training video, from the class room style lecture to the in depth demonstration instructional video.  Training videos are produced with your vision and outcome in mind, a script is developed between the client and Jaydee Media, filming is done on site  and the whole creation of the video is personalized to the clients needs. Final delivery of your training video can be on a multitude of platforms that include DVD as well as YouTube and Vimeo Channels. Videos/DVD's can be duplicated as often as you need.  Through many different styles and combinations of training video techniques it will ensure you get your message across in a cost effective and engaging manner.

Induction Video:  Each company has its own personality, its own way of doing things and its own rules. We produce highly detailed and entertaining induction videos specifically designed around the needs, message and brand of your business. These company induction videos can include a number of different elements, from computer safety to office safety. Contact Us Now

Viral Video:  Viral Promo Video We produce optimized web video for both YouTube and Vimeo, creating viral videos and video channels for the corporate market. Internet based video or viral video is becoming more and more prevalent, allowing companies to get their message out to a wide global audience in a highly cost effective manner. We offer full consultancy and production solutions to get the best out of your web based video. Contact Us Now

Location Video:  We are highly experienced at filming within the many different cities, townships and rural villages throughout South Africa and Africa. Not only will our video crews ensure you get the exact shots, but our understanding of the landscape, cultures and officialdom will ensure a smooth video shoot without delays. Contact Us


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